After a long trip around the world, I’ve decided to settle down in Amsterdam. With my Parisian roots and experiences from all over the world, I created a place where I could invite you to experience a sexy and vibrating night out. On my menu, you find my favorite selection of sushi, Asian Fusion and international dishes.

Group Booking

Groups are more than welcome at my place! From 8 people and up I serve a set menu. You can make a reservation online for up to 12 people, if you want to come with more please send an email to

Per 2 persons – regular menu

Edamame, Bar Rouge platter, Pad Thai, Chicken Wings, Pornstar Cheesecake

Price: €47,50 per person

Celebrate your birthday

 To make it even more wonderful, I have a special for the one who’s celebration his or hers birthday… we all love presents honey! From 8 persons, you’ll get the Regular menu, and the birthday person will enjoy a 50% discount on the menu. Bring some lovely friends and I’ll make sure you’ll have a night you won’t forget. *from 8 people


My place transforms into an intimate and charming late-night bar. After dinner, mingle at the bar for drinks and bites. My bar is always open, so just walk in and enjoy my signature drinks whilst the DJ is playing my favorite tunes!

For special occasions & info:


Thursday | All my sushi rolls & cocktails -50%

Friday & Saturday | Miss Rouge Dinner

Sunday | Special Events